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SEO and Website Design Rates

Congratulations! You have decided to take the steps to get your online presence noticed. We are happy to assist you with getting your site recognized by the search engines and bringing traffic to your business. As you will see our rates are an exceptional value and designed to fit into your budget (as well as ours) and keeping the cost of doing business at a reasonable level.

The following is a standard rates guideline.

Search Engine Optimization

Evolution Plan:

  • The evolution option is a monthly payment plan, with a deposit payment equal to 3 months paid up front. Basic monthly rate is $175 ($525 paid up front for the first 3 months payment).
  • The research will be completed and an implementation/recommendations report provided for half of your site pages. Over the next three months we will work through the second half of the pages.
  • Based on 10 pages or fewer website.
  • For SEO on websites with more than 10 pages, a custom proposal will be provided.
  • A monthly maintenance phase will begin after the completion of the first round of recommendations. This includes a monthly report on the positioning of the website on the search terms selected for major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), identification of opportunities, plus recommendations for adjustments on one-quarter of the site pages per month.
  • The site will be reviewed and re-optimized 2 times within the first 12 month time period.
  • The client has the option to discontinue the ongoing maintenance and recommendations (and resulting invoices) anytime by providing written notice.

Big Bang Plan:

  • $1250 retainer fee for initial analysis, recommendations and implementation report
  • $750 for 100% search engine traffic increase within 3 months.
  • $500 for 50% search engine traffic increase within 3 months.
  • Based on 10 pages or fewer website.
  • For SEO on websites with more than 10 pages, a custom proposal will be provided.

Included in both the Evolution Plan and the Big Bang Plan:

  • review of existing marketing (online and offline)
  • keyword selection process
  • baseline measurements
    • visits, views
    • leads
    • Google search ranking for selected keywords
  • competitive analysis
  • on page optimization
  • technical analysis
  • off page optimization, linking strategy

Local Search Marketing

$300 plus any listing fees if required.

  • identification of listings
  • listing submissions (to 6 or more local search directories)
  • submission monitoring
  • annual maintenance
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